Casino Bonus Types

Not all casino bonuses are created equal. Each online casino can individually determine which bonus offer the players can benefit from. This ensures that tons of different bonus offers can be found in the casinos . Let’s take a closer look at what these look like.

Deposit bonus

The deposit bonus is the classic among bonus offers . This online casino bonus is, for example, a typical bonus for new customers. They can then secure a certain bonus amount for their first deposit into the player account. Bonus offers of between 50 and 200 percent are common on the market . With a 100 percent deposit bonus, the deposit amount is doubled. The amount of the online casino bonus varies between providers. Several hundred or even thousands of euros are possible. The deposit bonus is made available as a casino bonus, but not only for new customers. Existing customers can also look forward to deposit bonuses from many providers. These are then referred to as reload bonuses. The principle remains the same.

Good to know : A deposit bonus is always paid out in the form of bonus credit. This online casino bonus can usually be paid out when all wagering requirements for the bonus have been met.

Free spins as a bonus

A free spins bonus is a slightly different online casino bonus than a deposit bonus. For example , free spins are often given as a supplement to a deposit bonus. Here, too, new customers are generally well hit. In addition to the deposit bonus, 20, 50 or 100 free spins will then be transferred to the account. The big difference to the casino bonus in the form of bonus money: The free spins themselves cannot be paid out. Are payable only profits made . On the other hand, the bonus requirements of the free spins are often noticeably more customer-friendly. A provider can also offer a free play bonus as a casino bonus for existing customers. Then the players collect weekly free spins, for example.

Casino bonus no deposit / no deposit bonus

The so-called no deposit bonuses are also extremely popular with players . These are bonus offers that can be activated without making a deposit . New customers receive a no-deposit bonus, for example immediately after opening an account. Once the account has been set up, you can start immediately with the online casino bonus. Interestingly, a no deposit casino bonus can be credited both in the form of bonus credits and in the form of free spins. However, the value of the bonus offers without a deposit is significantly lower compared to the deposit bonuses. Usually these are between five and 20 euros .

Cashback bonus

For example, while most bonus offers serve as starting credit , the Cashback Bonus takes a different approach. The stakes placed by the players are relevant for this online casino bonus. The offer only takes effect if money has been lost . Depending on the amount of the cashback, the casino players then receive their lost amount or part of the lost amount back from the provider. Usually the cashbacks are between 50 and 100 percent. In the best case, players can completely recover losses from the provider.

Live casino bonus

An integral part of many casinos these days is the live casino . This is an area in which players can play game rounds with real dealers thanks to webcam transmission . The casino atmosphere is once again intensified significantly. Table games such as roulette or blackjack are played in the live areas . Many casinos provide their own casino bonus for these live games. This is then only suitable for the live dealer games.In some cases, however, players can also choose between a live casino bonus and a regular online casino bonus. How exactly the live casino bonus looks like is different. Usually these offers are deposit bonuses. But there are also numerous cashback deals for the live casinos.

VIP & loyalty programs

The individual bonus offers in the online casinos are only part of the bonus world. In addition, most providers also offer their players VIP and loyalty programs . As the name suggests, these programs cater to particularly loyal players. Usually the players climb different levels. The online casino bonus available changes depending on the level. Together with the respective casino bonus, the loyalty program usually brings additional benefits. These include, for example, faster payouts, individual bonus offers for a birthday or customer care by a personal customer advisor. The various levels in the VIP programs are climbed through the missions. The higher and more you bet, the faster you can skip the individual levels. And the more attractive the casino bonus becomes

Find the right bonus

If you are looking for the right online casino bonus for your own needs, you should pay attention to different factors. In principle, for example, not every casino bonus is really suitable for beginners . Newbies should look for a casino bonus, which can be activated with the lowest possible deposit amount. The smaller the deposit, the less money can be lost. In the best case, it is then an online casino bonus that more than doubles the deposit amount. For example, a 200 percent bonus. It doesn’t matter if the bonus amount is possibly a little small and is limited to 50 euros, for example. A casino bonus without a deposit is of course also wonderfully suitable for newbies. The risk is completely excluded here, as no own credit has to be used.

For experienced players, the bonus offers are designed a little differently at best. For example, high rollers are looking for the largest possible bonus amount for their online casino bonus . Bonus offers of 100 percent or 50 percent are also welcome. The most important thing here is the maximum bonus amount. A no deposit bonus is out of the question for high rollers due to its low value.

These bonuses are suitable for newbies

  • Offers that can be activated with a low minimum deposit
  • Offers with particularly easy wagering requirements
  • Bonuses with a deposit rating of over 100 percent