Online Casino Mobile Guide

Now that mobile casinos have been integrated into most casinos’ product offerings, a handful of providers have risen to early dominance but it’s pretty clear from the mobile casino reviews I’ve come to write up that the market is still in it’s formative stages. That’s not to say some of the games aren’t very good, just that when you look at the casino products so far released on mobile, there is still some way to go before a “feature rich” experience such as that found in the PC casinos can be matched on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

This is in no small part down to the restrictive screen sizes.  Playing slots in particular on a 4″ mobile phone screen is not a pastime that I’ll be partaking of right now. But put those games on a tablet and it’s a lot more satisfying but it still falls a little short of the high resolution of my iMac or Acer laptop. The more traditional casino games like Roulette and Blackjack tend to fare a little better on both phone and tablet in my opinion but there is still the issue of time management – is it worth logging in when you are on the move to play a game that requires your attention and for an extended period?

This article goes on examine the current state of mobile casino software by provider with a brief overview of what to expect, what’s missing and which is probably leading the way. You will find that pretty much all of my favourite mobile casinos use one of these.

The best mobile casino software providers

I’ll be straight forward with you – there are well over a dozen software providers that have tablet compatible casino games, but it certainly does not mean or suggest that they are all great. Truth be told, a significant portion of the are terrible. You might not think so, but try to see the big picture. Technologies have gone SO far and yet, some developers are not trying their best and developing amazing, extraordinary, innovative casino games? I say that it’s all because of laziness or being afraid to leave their own comfort zone. Then there are some companies that do develop great games and that’s what we’ll concentrate on in this paragraph.

NetEnt Casino is my favorite developer of mobile casino games and by a mile! They are a publicly traded Swedish company that is filled with young, innovative minds who are constantly putting their abilities to good use. I’ve seriously loved a couple of most recent games from this company, including Magic Portals mobile slot that presented a completely new concept.

MicroGaming have lost most of their shine and fame from past, but still hold a significant role in the market and work with a large amount of top casino sites, including some of our partners. I’d say that their technologies are far behind NetEnt at the moment, but their games still have something that attracts those player thousands to them.

PlayTech also has about a dozen or so of mobile casino games of great quality. What I like about this company is that they are working closely with well known brands of other industries, such as movie creators and story writers. That’s exactly how they have been able to develop slot machine games such as the Pink Panther, Rocky and a series of Marvel Slots, such as The Incredible Hulk, Fantastic Four and many others.

Mobile Live Casino

It’s taken a while, but quite a few of the mobile casinos we’ve reviewed are now starting to roll-out Mobile Live Casino games.

A quick scan across all the Live Casino software providers shows that Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Baccarat & Live Casino Holdem can all be played on mobile devices. There games are provided for example by Novomatic Live platform. However not all of the providers provide all of the games and some are in a better state than others for the devices they are compatible with.

So what you’ll find in the real world is that the online casinos have added some of the live casino functionality to their mobile casinos. If you look at the lists below, you’ll see that Live Roulette is the staple game that everyone has. Then it depends on the implementation on whether that’s available to IOS and/or Android devices and whether you need to download an app or can play in your browser.

Just because a software provider has all the games doesn’t mean a casino will implement them all, and that’s what I’ve found as I’ve tried to play at a variety of mobile live casinos. It’s a moving market at the moment,so later adopters are having an easier time of taking on the products. As technology improves, in browser play is becoming more popular and you’ll continue to see the software providers developing this functionality. Regardless of what the providers do and say, I’d recommend playing only on a WIFI connection, unless you have 4G. You can play the games on 3G, but you’ll have a better playing experience on one of the others.

f the games will work on your device is another question. So far, not all devices are fully supported, and it may not work on yours. We suggest trying out the games first. You should be able to watch the live games without having to pay any money.

Since the live games can’t be played with fun money you can try the game by making the lowest wager possible, which is usually €1. In case you do have problems, you can contact the casino support. This is only important when you for example play blackjack, and can’t draw cards, or perform other actions. Playing with low wagers in the beginning is advisable though, just in case you encounter problems. Then at least you don’t lose too much. Once you have tested the live game on your device you can raise the wagers. Keep in mind however, never to bet more than you can expend.